June 11, 2022

Maximize Success: How to Create an Effective Advisory Council for Your Business

At SevenBridge Financial Group, we always make sure to get to know your personal priorities when it comes to helping you paint your financial picture.

We also get to know your unique lifestyle, and all of your desired wealth management outcomes – in order to assemble the unique strategy and specific team to meet each one of your needs. 

Our team of integrated specialists then helps you to comfortably navigate your life, your business, and any market changes, keeping you moving forward into the future with confidence – because while outcomes certainly excite us, it’s the people that really drive us to do what we do. 

In one of our previous blogs in our ongoing series, we discussed the basics of proper tax planning. Follow along with this blog as we talk about creating an advisory council, while detailing some of its specific functions.  

What exactly is an ‘Advisory Council’?

First, when you are looking to properly manage your wealth, it is important to be knowledgeable about all of the different terminology that goes into this complicated process.   

Let us now talk about the definition of ‘advisory council’. According to BoardEffect:

Some boards decide to start a special project and need manpower with specialized expertise to get the project off the ground and see it through to completion. This is another example of how advisory boards can fill the void of time and expertise that a board of directors has difficulty filling on its own.

An advisory council may also be referred to as a committee or board. Regardless of its title, advisory councils can serve various purposes to help further an organization’s mission and provide valuable benefits to boards of directors.

What are the specific functions & responsibilities of an advisory council?

Furthermore, now that we know what an advisory council is, you might also be wondering about some of its specific functions and potential duties. 

Here are just some of the things an advisory council can be responsible for: 

  • Acting as spokesperson for the company
  • Helping to execute special projects
  • Assisting with fundraising efforts
  • Offering industry-specific knowledge as needed
  • Acting as a feedback source for the board of directors
  • Advocating for the company

As you can see from the above-mentioned responsibilities, having the right advisory council in your corner can surely be a tremendous benefit for any company’s operations and aspirations. 

Therefore, it is crucial that the process of creating your advisory council is executed properly and with careful due diligence on the behalf of all parties involved. 

What is the difference between an ‘Advisory Council’ & a ‘Board of Directors?

You might also be wondering about the differences between an ‘advisory council’ and a ‘board of directors’ - the key here is that a board of directors has fiduciary duty (the legal responsibility to act in a stakeholder’s best interest) - while an advisory council does not. 

Let Our Trusted 7Bridge Financial Advisors Help You Create Your Advisory Council & Much More!

In conclusion – whether you are looking to create an advisory council or are thinking about any other financial services for yourself or your organization – perhaps the most important thing about wealth management is making sure you are utilizing the advice of trusted professionals when it comes to making any big decisions about your financial future. 

Here at Sevenbridge Financial Group, there is absolutely nothing one-size-fits-all about the way we manage your finances. Our integrated team of specialists is here to take your personal needs and dreams, and make them reality. Allow us to help you build a solid bridge from where you are, to all of the places where you would like to go!

Contact us today with any questions about our services, our process, or how to get started with a project. 

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