February 8, 2022

SevenBridge: Helping You Paint Your Overall Financial Picture

As we head into this exciting New Year — it’s certainly a good time to take stock of the things that are important in our lives, as well as our visions for the future — and taking a look to assess and outline your overall financial picture should certainly be near the top of anyone’s list. 

If you’re just starting out in your business journey or are already a seasoned business owner, recently retired or merely daydreaming about retirement, Sevenbridge Financial Group is here to be your bridge to success. We fully realize that you work hard to earn your money. You can be sure our integrated team of specialists will work just as hard to grow and protect it. 

Our ‘Seven Bridges’ philosophy is engineered to move you forward, and involves taking all of your unique needs and priorities into careful consideration - in order to help you confidently navigate life, business, and market changes. 

In this article, let’s talk about your overall financial picture. We’ll define what it is, and provide some choice tips to get you started thinking in the right direction. 

What is My ‘Financial Picture’?

There are many moving parts to successful money management and fruitful financial planning. Consequently, being (and staying) informed is key. No matter where you might currently be in your specific financial journey, you might be asking “What is my ‘Financial Picture’?”  

Simply put: when you assess your overall financial picture - you’re essentially taking a careful overview of your assets and liabilities, income, etc.  

Why is My Overall Financial Picture Important?

According to a recent piece in Forbes: “Your values, unique needs and current financial situation should also play a role in how you build your long-term plan. Bringing these principles together can guide you in achieving your most important goals.” 

So, why is your financial picture so important? 

Making sure to always have your overall financial picture in clear view is vital for various reasons. Chief among which: by maintaining a financial snapshot, you’ll be able to better hone in on your vision for your finances and goals. This is crucial in cases of both established wealth and wealth that’s in the process of emerging.

Financial Picture Basics: Creating a Balance Sheet

Getting started in painting your financial picture (the right way) can seem like an arduous task, however with the proper guidance at your side, and a trusted roadmap at your disposal, important things like ‘creating a balance sheet’ can be great jump-off points: 

“Balance sheets, which list out all of a company’s assets and liabilities, are useful tools for a company to understand how much it is actually worth and for outsiders to determine if it’s a worthy investment. When applied to your own life, a financial balance sheet can illustrate if you’re on the right path to accomplish your own goals, such as getting out of debt, by showing you how much and what you own, what debts you have to repay and how much you are worth in total.” 

Alicia Adamczyk, Senior Reporter + Author at CNBC

About Sevenbridge Financial’s Business Owner Services: 

Finally—the reason we wanted to use this blog to highlight the importance of knowing your overall financial picture, is that it goes hand-in-hand with your business management and strategy! 

And just as important as knowing your overall financial picture is having a trusted financial advisor as your guide. 

Therefore, at Sevenbridge, we bring all of this together under one all-encompassing umbrella; by providing outside advisers that are there to facilitate careful strategy alignment across the board, and making sure that business succession or sale is always meticulously prepared and planned for, while also ensuring that the capabilities of your CFO and CPA are supplemented and expanded upon. 

Rest assured — We’ve got the Proper Knowledge to Power Your Financial Journey!

You Can Trust our Integrated Team of Specialists to: 

  • Organically Facilitate Your Financial Growth
  • Effectively Manage Your Exit Strategy
  • Handle Your Tax Planning
  • Create an Experienced Advisory Panel
  • Stop the ‘Spin’ – to Keep You Moving Forward

Let us put your money to work for you ~ Stay Tuned to our blog page for more information to keep your financial bridge solid & Be Sure to Connect with Us on LinkedIn & Facebook!

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