April 24, 2020

Pennsylvania’s Three-Phase Plan to Reopen the State

In conjunction with Team Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Community and Economic Development, the Department of Labor & Industries, and others, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania worked to develop a plan to reopen the commonwealth’s economy. This new plan provides local government, businesses, customers, and workers to create a safe reopening process.

This three-phase plan of reopening with allow Pennsylvania’s to return to work cautiously. Reopening the commonwealth at a slow rate will help control an additional spike in cases and new stay-at-home orders.

The guidance will reinforce and continue to build on existing building safety and worker orders. Below are details of the three-phase plan, which determines when counties and/or regions are ready to begin relinquishing some restrictions on congregate settings, work, and social interactions.

Pennsylvania is currently in the red phase, which is meant to minimize the spread of COVID-19 through strict social distancing, school closures, non-life sustaining business, and building safety protocols.

To determine when a region is ready to reopen and return to work, the state will evaluate the incidence rate of COVID-19 cases per capita. A regional assessment will measure the COVID-19 cases per the population. A county can make the list for consideration to open if they, on average for the past 14 days, had 50 or less new cases per 100,000 residents per day. The administration will work closely with county and local governments to enable the communities to reopen and transition back to work.

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