February 15, 2023

Unlock the Secrets to Navigating a Successful Business Sale

Considering the number of successful public companies out there, businesses are being bought and sold all of the time. When it comes to a business or asset sale, companies have some additional responsibilities and components that factor into their overall strategy. 

Previously, we explored ways to construct a successful business exit strategy that fits the needs of your overall business and its management. 

In this blog, we’re breaking down what exactly a business sale is, as well as offering some important things to consider while you’re thinking about the process. 

Defining ‘Business Sale’ 

A business sale is typically defined as the sale of a business and its assets from the current owner to a new buyer. 

Between the seller and buyer there can be different entities, but the specific detail of what makes it a business sale is that the business’s assets have changed ownership. 

When it comes to business sales, all of the assets used in the company’s operations are what is considered to be sold and transferred ownership by the business. This type of ownership can be as a sole trader, company, or trust. 

Additionally, if only some assets are being sold for new ownership, this is typically identified as an asset sale

Preparing for the Sale of Your Business 

Every business sale is not a one-size-fits-all. With that being said, it’s important to remember that in the same way each business is unique, so are the structure and benefits of a business’s sale and ownership. 

Whether you’ve been in the market to sell or looking to direct your business plan toward an exit strategy, the more preparation you have for your business ahead of time makes all of the difference. 

Some Things to Consider When Navigating a Business Sale

Depending on the size of the business being sold, there is a lot of preparation, information, and research involved in navigating a business sale from start to finish. 

The type of business will determine further steps and other specific documents that will be required for this sale.

Selling your business can be a monumental move not just for you as the company’s owner, founder, or chief executive - but for the company as a whole. For business sales, preparation is key. 

Be sure to:

  • Speak to other executives and team members from your business about the goals and expectations of this transferred ownership. 
  • Establish a determined price point you want your business sale to achieve.
  • Research the type of investors or buyers you’re targeting. 

The various steps around business sales can be daunting to many, but with the right preparation, research, and business financial advisors, you can achieve a successful business sale for you and your company. 

Devising a Successful Business Sale with SevenBridge Financial 

There are many reasons why companies and businesses around the world sell or transfer ownership after a certain period of time. Perhaps you’re ready to move on to a new business venture or are looking to cut back on your position and involvement with the company.  

Overall, the sale and transfer of a company can be both exciting and overwhelming. At SevenBridge Financial, we’re here to help smooth the transition of business ownership and navigate your business sale with ease. 

We understand that each business holds its own unique set of assets, contracts, and other valuable information that must be considered when going through this process of a business sale. 

When you are ready to take the leap of navigating your business sale, consider the above-mentioned tips to help prepare for this monumental transition. 

Reach out to SevenBridge Financial for a consultation on our Business Owner Services today! 

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