December 15, 2022

About Our 7 'Bridges' - #2: "Think to the Future!"

When it comes to planning your financial future, it’s important to remember that managing money is not a one-size-fits-all. Financial planning means assessing your personal and business priorities, lifestyle, and desired outcome for your company. 

Luckily, our team at SevenBridge Financial is here to help you and your business navigate life and the financial aspects of your success. Keep reading to learn these top tips about planning your financial future. 

Here is the second of our 7 Bridges - “Think to the Future!” 

Thinking About Your Financial Future 

When you’re ready to elevate your business or personal success and finances - tap into your past experiences to imagine the better future you envision for yourself. Like a concise vision tied to a strategic plan, mapping out these steps for the future can accelerate your company’s growth and increase return on investment. 

The key detail to remember about this financial and future planning is that there is no deadline or timeline. Everyone is accelerating and growing at their own pace. However, preparation for this financial planning can go a long way. When you’re ready to start assessing your plans, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What lifestyle do I envision when I retire? 
  • What other business ventures or careers can I explore? 
  • How will I gradually wind down and transition out of my current practice?
  • How, if at all, will I downsize or alter my finances with this change? 

No matter what the next step looks like for you and your future, considering these questions is a helpful way to stay prepared. 

Tips for Planning Your Financial Future 

Ready to start preparing your finances for the future? Our group of financial advisors in Denver, Colorado are here to provide you with un-bias, expert advice that assists you in your future steps while keeping you in control of your money. 

Here are a few financial planning tips we recommend for those ready to start considering financial planning for the future:

  • Create a financial calendar with personal and business goals. 

Setting reminders for these important wealth management ‘to-dos’ is a great place to start outlining the steps you need to take. 

  • Check your interest rate. 

Especially considering the number of payments and finances that pile up over time, periodically assessing these interest rates on your bills and payments will give you a better idea of where your spending budget is going. 

  • Track your net worth. 

Like interest rates, your personal and company net worth is expected to grow over time. Comparing this number to, let's say, the amount of debt, can tell you approximately where you stand financially. 

  • Allocate a Percentage to Financial Priorities 

With your future in consideration, you can further elevate your financial planning by allocating a specific percentage of your income towards your overall, long-term goals. This number ranges, depending on your net worth, company spending, and the overall amount of income. 

With these tips in mind, SevenBridge Financial is ready to help you navigate your financial future - no matter what the planned map looks like for you! 

SevenBridge Financial: Hardworking Money Management 

Our financial advisors at SevenBridge Financial are here to offer you a variety of business wealth management and investing services. 

Whether you’re looking for a smooth transition and business strategy, or looking to establish building blocks for your (or your company's) financial future - allow our team of financial consultants and advisors help achieve your future goals. 

Contact us today with any and all questions about our various services, our unique process, or how to get started with a project to help you achieve your business dreams! 

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